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Automatic Navigation

Route guidance, congestion avoidance and awareness of driver workload without any user intervention.

We match what the vehicle is doing now against what it did in the past, as a guide to the future. Destinations, routes, busy periods, speeds and delays can all be predicted.

Without any tiresome button pushing drivers will automatically benefit from these valuable features:

Congestion Avoidance
Using real-time and historical congestion data on the way to the predicted destinations.

Enhanced Routing
Look for the best routes to predicted destinations, and offer them when the turnoff is approaching.

Improved Safety
Hold off distractions (traffic alerts, mobile phone calls) until an easy period of driving is predicted.

The advantage to telematics vendors is:

Market Penetration
If we reach a point where 80% of vehicles on the road have telematics systems, what percentage will be operating at any one time? With Automatic Navigation it will be 100%.